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Ideas for a Perfect Halloween Night

It’s Halloween! Happy day of eating all the sweets and scaring children (and your significant other if they are easily frightened)!! This is one of our favorite holidays because we get to show our true scary selves. Okay we aren’t THAT scary but a really good scary movie and bucket of candy sounds like the perfect evening. Here are some tricks and treats to get festive.

Halloween costumes


Oculus - The one thing that stuck with me after watching this movie was how actually scary it was, I didn’t want to look into any mirror. You might be thinking “lady in a mirror, big deal” but trust me she is one CREEPY lady. Through the entirety of the movie she plays mind tricks on her victims and viewers fall prey to the ruse as well, it really makes your skin crawl. Give this movie a watch if you’re in the mood for something super intriguing but that'll also give you a good scare. P.S. don’t ever buy a vintage mirror. Just don’t.

White Noise - Okay so the last time I saw this was in high school and I was so scared and haven’t watched it since. This movie is about how the dead can communicate to the living through radio frequencies/static. Once you open the line of communication...well, we all know what happens to the curious ones. Spoiler alert: there are spirits in the hall and they are not the Casper kind. If someone if brave enough to watch it, let me know what you think! We are wondering if it’s worth a rewatch.

Hocus Pocus - Such a classic. We grew up watching this one and it never gets old. These witches are too good and look at how fabulous they are! #goals

hocus pocus witches


Insidious - This movie is terrifying and slightly humorous. There is a badass grandma, a brave child and a very bright red demon that sings *tip-toe through the window* . If you’re looking for a movie to watch tonight, look no Further (ha, get it?)

Halloween candy buckets


Reese’s - The bat and pumpkin shaped ones, can’t get more festive than that! Also, chocolate shaped like a vegetable, yes please. That’s healthy, right?

Sour Patch Kids - These little sour then sweet kids are just the best, i'm sure a lot of people would agree. And this year we got our hands on their trickster packs. You think you're eating one flavor but it’s actually another flavor!

For the healthy folks, we’ve tried Halo Top’s Pumpkin Pie flavor and Enlightened’s Pumpkin Spice Latte and highly recommend both! For extra fun, do a scoop of Halo Top’s Pumpkin Pie with Halo Top’s Pancakes & Waffles. Tell us what you think!

Throwing halloween candy


xoxo kriya

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