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Ideas for a Perfect Halloween Night

It’s Halloween! Happy day of eating all the sweets and scaring children (and your significant other if they are easily frightened)!! This is one of our favorite holidays because we get to show our true scary selves. Okay we aren’t THAT scary but a really good scary movie and bucket of candy sounds like the perfect evening. Here are some tricks and treats to get festive.

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How to get creative with your wardrobe

“Clothes don’t need to be expensive; they just need to make you feel a certain way." We totally understand the comfort of a classic black dress or comfy neutral sweater and we have these wardrobe staples too. Here is how we mix the go-to pieces with kriyā's standout out pieces.

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3 Pumpkin Recipes You Have To Try

The foods we like have three things in common: flavorful, healthy(ish), and yummy. Here are some pumpkin recipes we wanted to share with you. They are super easy to make and well worth the adventure! Try ‘em out and share your pictures with us! Tag @kriyaclothing on insta or comment below and let us know how it goes!

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Through thick and thin

We’ve heard mixed advice on doing business with family and wanted to share some thoughts and what has worked for us. In any venture, trust your instinct! You know how you work best - whether that be with a partner or independently. And no matter what happens, your partner should be like pizza: will always be there for you, through thick and thin. 

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